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Cervelliere and Aventail

In this video I discuss an extremely rare cervelliere, dating from circa 1250 - 1350, and an associated 14th century aventail. Both items have survived the centuries in very favourable conditions. What are potential explanations for this? Do the numerous marks on this helmet and the large combat impact allow for conclusions?

Passion for Arms and Armour

My thoughts about fine antique arms and armour, how I became an art dealer in this field and how I conduct my business.

A fine selection of arms and armour decorated with etching

Etching on Arms and Armour

Arms and armour decorated with etching belong to the most desired and valued pieces. These can be regarded as works of art, often exhibited in the context of the Kunst- and Wunderkammer (cabinet of curiosities) of the Renaissance period. For me it is a particular pleasure to present a selected group of objects decorated with this interesting technique in our new catalogue, which are made for both ceremonial purposes and field use. Each one is of distinguished quality, rarity and condition alike, coming from prominent provenances, among them the collection of Lord Astor of Hever, the Royal House of Hanover and the Bavarian Electoral Court in Munich.

This catalogue is exclusively available as a free PDF document.

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Two Parade Parizans

Watch our latest video on two parade partisans made for Duke August Wilhelm of Brunswick-Luneburg. You might want to consider following us on our youtube channel, so you won't miss any of our future videos.

Fine Arms and Armor from the Saxon Electoral Court

Arms and Armor from the Saxon Electoral Court

The Saxon Electoral Court stands for one of the most important collections of arms and armor in the world. Rich deposits of silver let to a tremendous wealth of Saxony in the 16th and 17th centuries that were spent for a prestigious courtly life encompassing fine arms for tournament use, representation and the equipment of life guards. Even the latter impress by their extravagant decoration and manufacture documenting the fact that these arms not only served a practical function of defense but also were intended to emphasize the prestige and luxury of the Electors.

It is a special honor for me that I can offer you four important pieces of this provenance that are described in detail on the following pages. This catalogue is only available as a PDF document.

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